Introduction To Aerobics

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For the people who take their health and their life seriously, daily exercise cannot be left out from the schedule. People who are just starting off, generally have a lot of reservations regarding what to do and what not.

This article will be helpful for everyone who is either looking to lose weight or just get fit in general.

What Exactly is Aerobics?

Aerobics are cardio exercises which include oxygen generating exercises. They do not require any equipment or extra payments.

You do not even need a gym membership to do this. All you need to do is learn a couple of steps and perform them routinely to see the effects soon.

Types of Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises can be done in numerous ways. It can be even done indoors. Some of the common forms of aerobic exercises include:

stair climbing aerobics

Stair Climbing: Have you ever heard the phrase “take the stairs, not the elevator”? Stair climbing is a common form of aerobic exercise which hardly requires any complexities. You just have to climb the stairs followed by getting down.

It usually is a low impact kind of an exercise. Nevertheless, it is extremely effective if followed correctly and safely.

elliptical machines

Elliptical Trainer: If you have a gym membership, this could be a good option for you. The elliptical trainer is a very common exercise equipment in gyms. It is safe and very easy to use.

It has the combined advantages of climbing, walking and running. Just thirty minutes a day on this machine can do wonders for your body.


Cycling: The bicycle can be stationary or the normal one. Both have their advantages and perks. You will have to purchase extra equipment for this method.

The stationary variant includes a meter which tells you how much you traveled and the number of calories that you burnt.

treadmill workout

Treadmill: This is a classic gym machine which is mandatory in almost every workout routine. You can either walk or run staying in the same place.

Usually, a combination of slow walking, brisk walk and running is a good choice. About thirty minutes to one hour on a treadmill should be plenty of aerobic exercise for a day.

walking workout

Walking: Nothing beats the classics. If you do not want to waste money on expensive machinery, then just find a park near you and go for a walk daily.

Even a long route where you will not be disturbed will be good. You should walk for around an hour every day to get plenty of exercises.

rowing workout

Rowing: Rowing is a rare aerobic exercise as it requires a lake or another still water body. You also need a rowing boat for this.

Even gym machines that simulate the action of rowing a boat will be just as good. Several such machines are available in almost all gyms.

You can also adjust the weights on such devices according to your weight and expertise.

swimming workout

Swimming: Swimming is one of the best exercises as it works out almost all the muscles in your body. If you cannot afford the luxury of your personal swimming pool, you can always get a membership to a public one.

They even have professionals to teach you the various strokes and techniques of swimming. This is both extremely good for health and fun to do.

kickboxing workout

Kickboxing: This is a common sport and even a good aerobic exercise.

Usually used for combat purposes, there are several forms of kickboxing. All of them include kicking and punching.

Even several forms of martial arts are included in this category. This usually requires some professional training.

skip rope workout

Skipping Rope: This exercise can be done both indoors and outdoors. You just need a rope for this aerobic exercise. Many of us used to do this as children.

There are several rhythms in which you can skip rope. Usually, a combination of all is a healthy choice.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training: This is a workout routine that requires you to do a set of high-intensity exercises in continuation. You need to continue this circuit a couple of times.

Some of the exercises that can be a part of the circuit include squats, jumps, push-ups, etc.

kids jumping jack

Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks include jumping and spreading your legs apart. In the next step, jump and put your legs back together.

Doing this several times will cause you to get pumped up.

jogging good for health

Jogging: You can always go for a good jog is you want to get a good aerobic exercise. Do not run. You need to maintain a steady pace during the entire exercise.

Jogging and walking can be done alternatively for about one hour per day for good results.

To Sum Up The Aerobic Exercises

No one particular exercise is the best. You should form a plan which requires doing a little bit of all of them at least twice a week.

Always remember to take one day off per week, as your muscles need to regenerate. Also, remember to be safe while exercising.

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How to Lose Weight with a Low Carb Diet

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Lamenting about the excessive weight is a daily routine for some. But there are some people that just don’t lament ideally; they try different things to control it. For them, there is a sure easy way to do it…. ‘Lose Weight with a Low Carb Diet.’

low carb diet plan

Can you tame your hunger all the time? Can you resist yourself from eating your favorite pudding? Can you exercise all the days of a year? No, it’s not easy to maintain the regularity. A normal person will give up sooner or later.

For them, low carb diet comes as a savior. Scientific studies have proved that low carb diet is the sure easy way to lose weight. So, what’s the logic behind a low carb diet? Well, it’s simple. A low carb diet slowly but efficiently reduces your ‘want of food’ i.e. hunger.

Once your hunger reduces, you will start to lose weight ’, it’s simple and obvious. Have u made up your mind to try out this method? If yes, you have to explore certain things for it.

Find Out Your Need of Carbohydrates


What is best for one person may be worst for the other. One person’s low carb diet may be a very high carb diet for the other. So, we have to decide our ‘carb diet’ according to our level of physical activity, age, gender, metabolic health etc. Try these things to find out your need of carbohydrate:

  • Remove bad carbs from your diet (e.g. added sugar, whole wheat etc.)
  • Eat low-carb vegetables
  • Switch to some other sources of carbs like Avocado, pears, nuts etc.
  • Eat some berries
  • Experiment with yourself to find what works for you.

Bottom-Line: Low carb doesn’t mean that you devoid your meal of carbs. Instead, replace bad carbs with good carbs.

What to Eat and What Not To Eat?

do and don't


  • Sugar in any form (Juices, candy, soft drinks etc.)
  • Hydrogenated Oils
  • Grains that contain gluten (Wheat, barley etc.)
  • High Omega Oils (Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Corn oil etc.)
  • Processed and tinned food
  • Sweeteners especially artificial ones
  • Low-Fat labeled products


  • Fruits (Apple, Oranges, Pears etc.)
  • Coconut Oil, Olive oil, butter, cod fish liver oil
  • Nuts and Seeds (Walnut, almonds etc.)
  • Meat, Eggs and Fish
  • Fresh Vegetables (Spinach, Broccoli, carrot etc.)
  • Sugar-free ice-creams, sweets, candy etc.
  • Dairy products with normal and high-fat (Yoghurt, Cheese, Butter etc.)

Low-Carb Meal Plans

low carb meal

Low carb meal plans can be outlined in endless ways. They can be planned according weeks, months, weekends, carb-level etc. But, on an average, most of the low-carb plans recommend to eat more than 50 grams and less than 150 grams of carbs each day. As you lower down your carb intake, increase your protein intake to balance the body’s rhythm.

Carb Cycling Meal Plan

We can divide Carb cycling meal plan in two-parts according to the level of carb intake:

High-Carb Day Plan:

Men: Carbs: 2-3gm, Protein: 1-1.25gm, Fat: minimum (Multiply the value with body weight)

Women: Carbs: 1gm., Protein: 0.75gm, Fat: minimum (Multiply the value with body weight)

Low-Carb Day:

Men: Carbs: 0.5-1.5gm, Protein: -1.25gm, Fat: minimum (Multiply the value with body weight)

Women: Carbs: 0.2-0.5gm, Protein: – 1gm, Fat: 0.1-0.2gm (Multiply the value with body weight)

Daily Plan

If it’s difficult to find out exact amount of carbs, proteins and fats in each food and plan accordingly. You can simply stick to simple weekly plan with widely known low carb foods. Plan your day this way:


Breakfast: Eggs are the best option for the breakfast. To avoid boredom, play with eggs. Veggie omelets, cheese omelets, frittata, flourless egg and cottage cheese etc. are some of the options. If you want to use fruits use fruits with lower value on glycemic index like grapefruit, apples, blackberries etc.

low carb lunch

Lunch: Lean proteins with leafy vegetables, plain yoghurt on an egg salad, crunchy vegetable, small crab cakes (without breadcrumbs), sugar-free iced tea, tarragon spiced chicken salad etc. are some of the best options for lunch.

low carb snack

Snacks: Cucumber boats with ricotta, peanut stuffed celery sticks, yoghurt with coconut (unsweetened), nutty cheese dip, cottage cheese with sugar free salsa, berries with cheese are some of the best snack options.

low carb dinner

Dinner: In dinner, prefer lean meat over cuts of meats. Seafood is also a good option. Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel etc. can be tried as they all are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. For vegetarians, soybeans, tofu and eggs are good options. Steamed cauliflower with mashed potatoes, pesto zucchini spaghetti, chicken in green onion sauce etc. are some of the best delicious options.

Now, you can decide for yourself, what to eat and how? The best is you can burn your fat while resting. If you do even a moderate amount of physical activity, this low-carb diet will give you in bonus all the benefits of daily exercise. It’s a very smart way. So stick to low carb plan from today and enjoy your life!

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Tips for building muscle and increasing mass

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People go to the gym for various reasons, but on the first sight, in every gym there are two main types of people – those who want to lose weight, and those who want to build muscle. If you belong to the second group, there are plenty techniques and tips you should know and apply, and you have certainly been exposed to various advice, both useful and completely useless.


New dietary regimens and exercise programs appear almost daily, and it can be difficult to distinguish what to do and what not to do and which program to accept and implement into your routine, This is why in this article we will give you some basic tips for muscle building, which will help you gain mass and which you can implement into your training routine and the program you follow.


First of all, make sure to eat properly, since food is a very important factor in health and building muscle and maintaining your strength level high. This means consuming plenty of protein, which is essential for muscle growth, and it can be found in meat, poultry, eggs, fish, but also in soy, legumes and mushrooms. You can add protein powders to your diet, and they are usually derived from egg white or soy.

Carbs should not be neglected, and many people who try to build muscle will cut back on carbs significantly. The truth is that you need carbs to properly sustain demanding, high-intensity activities, but the carbs should come from natural sources such as fruit, whole grain, brown rice and nuts, instead from processed sugar and snacks. Make sure to avoid overeating, and do not stick with the common misconception that eating every two hours will help you build muscle.

Eating too frequently will actually slow down your muscle growth, and not to mention that you may actually gain fat instead of muscles.

PGL002Consistent and proper training is another essential component of muscle growth. Combined with good night sleep it will help you increase natural human growth hormone, which is an important component of muscle growth. Proper training includes concentrating on compound lifts, and there is a common misconception that only heavy lifting will help you build muscle. It is true that you need to combine heavy lifting in fewer reps with lifting lighter weight in more reps, because you actually need both techniques to build your muscle properly. Heavy lifting is responsible for myofibrillar hypertrophy, which is the growth of actual muscle fibers, while light lifting with higher number of reps is responsible for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which increases the content of those muscle cells that convert glycogen into ATP (Adenosine triphosphate).

ATP is the natural, biochemical way of storing and using energy, and no matter what your training goal may be, it is something you will need in order to be able to endure the training and build muscle.

Another important component of lifting is that the weight should be gradually added as you progress, because it is the only way to keep your muscles growing and avoid stagnation.

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The most important benefits of bodybuilding

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We have all heard stories and lectures about how good and beneficial exercise can be, but even if you are bored and irritated with such abundance of information – it is simply the truth, sporting lifestyle is healthy, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Numerous studies and large research projects have shown strong correlation between exercise and health, and this is something which is hardly even disputed anymore. We all agree on this, but not all of us have the willingness and mental power to become involved in any kind of sporting activity. Hopefully, this lazy point of view can be changed at least a little bit after you finish reading this short review about the benefits of bodybuilding.

8 Tips about Fish Oil & Muscle Building | Bodybuilding Diet

            Bodybuilding and fitness have always gone hand in hand, and it can be said that these two notions belong to the same group of ideas which are intended to express our preoccupation with health and the shape of our body. Bodybuilding can be done in various ways, i.e. on different levels of commitment, which over the years resulted in separation between professional and amateur bodybuilding.


Also, it can be done at home with improvised, self-made weights and apparatus, or it can be done in modern, comfortable gyms which are filled with super-efficient machines and numerous types of weights. Additionally, it can be divided into two groups – natural and artificial bodybuilding, where the first one means that muscle gain is achieved only with the help of carefully balanced diet and regular exercise, and the latter includes drug-based supplements, such as steroids or human growth hormone.


            The advantages which came with regular bodybuilding are numerous and they cover different fields of human activity. First of all, regular training is beneficial to health in general, but if we want to make that a bit more specific and precise, we can say that bodybuilding gives great results in prevention of heart disease, it prevents the increase of blood pressure or cholesterol, and it gives better bone density, which is especially important in the battle against osteoporosis and injuries. Also, strength training and regular effort are a good way to burn fat and calories, and with increased metabolism rate – you will definitely be able to control your weight more easily if you decide to visit you nearby gym on a regular basis.

            Aside from benefits which concern strictly physical aspects of the body, there are those which result in improvements to mental health and condition. As the popular saying goes, “healthy mind in healthy body”, regular exercise will give you more energy and more happiness, since a very important chemical called endorphin is released during increased effort. This means that bodybuilding can help you get rid of stress, anxiety and depression, and that it can be a very good method in releasing that extra energy which young people in particular can sometimes have. Also, regular exercise and fitness can give you more confidence and significantly improve your self-esteem, and this can result in many other good things later in life.

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Muscle-building tips for complete beginners

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It is not easy being a beginner in anything, and budybuilding is no exception. There are plenty of rules, advice ad challenges ahead of you, and it may all seem confusing and overwhelming at the beginning.  If you are a beginner in weight training, we will give you some useful tips to follow to help you overcome the initial confusion you may feel before you establish your exercise and diet routine.

Focus on short-term goals – goals are important when you decide to start exercising. It is important to have a main goal, which can be losing a certain amount of weight or achieving a certain amount of muscle mass. However, while you are still at the beginning, large goals may seem unreachable, which can make you lose motivation and eventually give up training. Rather than focusing on one large goal, switch focus to short-term goals, because reaching these goals will make you feel self-confident and satisfied, which will keep you motivated for training further.


Do not weigh too often – it has been proven that weighing too often can discourage people from exercising, because the results do not turn up as quickly as they expect. Also, the scales are not the only measurement of progress, especially when you consider that muscle tissue weighs more than fat. Because of this, use other measurements – observe how the clothes fit you and whether you feel stronger and more energized.

Change your diet gradually – proper diet is extremely important for naturally increasing HGH level, which is essential for muscle building, and not to mention that proper diet is important for the overall health. Still, changing the diet may seem as even bigger challenge than training itself. Because of this, do not force yourself to change diet all at once, but do it gradually and set the short-term goals you want t o achieve in your diet plan. If you wish to accelerate the process, you could consider adding supplements. Do a careful research on the Internet for the best HGH supplement.

4 Best Muscle Building Tips For Beginners

Ask for help with the equipment – once you start going to the gym, you may feel embarrassed because you are beginner and you may hesitate to ask for help with the equipment. It is important to overcome the fear and self-consciousness. Everyone was a beginner once, and remember that you will not only underachieve if you do not use the equipment properly, but you can also get seriously injured. This is why you should ask for help with the equipment, and the gym employees will gladly help you.

Quality over quantity – do not try lifting too much weight all at once, or making too many reps. Concentrate on doing the exercises properly rather than on the number of reps, in order to avoid injuries and to feel the benefits of the exercises you perform. Establish your own routine, meaning that you should not follow the advanced programs straight away, but you should determine how much you can do, and the weight and reps you perform will be increased gradually over time.


Do not expect supplements to do the work instead of you – many people who want to build mass rely on supplements, especially HGH (human growth hormone) which is also naturally produced in the human body. If you decide to take supplements, do not rely on them too much and expect them to build the muscles without you taking any effort. Even with the supplements, you still need to exercise regularly and follow the program.

Do not give up – last but not least, do not expect the results to appear too soon. Building muscles takes time and effort and do not give up exercising just because you cannot see the results straight away.

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Human Growth Hormone and its Use in Sports

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As its name suggests, the main function of human growth hormone that stimulates the growth of the body. From early childhood to the end of puberty provides growth and strengthening of bones. After ossification, the pituitary still lights large quantities of human growth hormone which led scientists to think that there are some functions of this hormone.

It is not uncommon for scientists to emphasize that human growth hormone is very important for human’s body. Reduced glucose utilization saves energy, on the other hand the fat cells mobilize the release of fatty acids into the blood stream, where used as an energy source – thus creating the whole process more valuable.


In contrast to anabolic steroids, which are used in the sport for more than half a century, the growth hormone is found in use among elite athletes only in the last twenty years. Of course, those athletes, who were inclined to experiment, they used human growth hormone since 1985.

As for the cost, the most difficult is for professional bodybuilders who pay between $ 30,000 and $ 50,000 per year. About increasingly taking growth hormone among athletes, evidenced by the fact that the rate of the total world production of this hormone is far greater than the medical needs of this growing from year to year.

Today it is quite clear that most professionals (and ambitious and wealthy amateurs) used growth hormone as a primary addition in their diet and training. Anyone who does not want to get into “the world of chemistry” and wants to stick the natural additions and methods, automatically loses pace with the others. This is, unfortunately, the harsh reality of professional sport. HGH and its operation represents everything that every athlete dreams.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) TRUTHS & MYTHS!

Although lack of right researches that show how human growth hormone acts on the athletes, the practice has proved many times that the top sport abilities are virtually impossible without its use. Of course, growth hormone is not a miracle tool – it’s almost like any other kind of preparation. Growth hormone or anabolic will not run, jump or lift weights instead of you, meaning that you first must work hard before you can use it and see some results.

How Does the Human Growth Hormone work?

1) Anabolic activity – increased development of muscles and strength via faster synthesis of proteins.

2) Reducing fat through increased release of fatty acids and their use as an energy source.

3) Strengthen bones and ligaments

Hormones govern our lives and health in a very mysterious way. Very small amount of the given hormones will determine whether we will be beautiful or ugly, in good mood or grumpy, in the state of love or hate….In a word, despite their small quantity and weight, they manage “to control” people at some point.

Because of their effects, they are very important for athletes if they want to achieve best possible results. Still, the athletes must ask for professional advice on the use of the mentioned hormone.

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